Andrés Gómez

Andrés Gómez, the renowned Ecuadorian tennis player, etched his name in tennis history as the 1990 Roland Garros champion. He displayed exceptional skill and determination, defeating top competitors like Thomas Muster and Andre Agassi en route to victory. Known for his wicked left-handed forehand and delicate touch, Andrés achieved a career-high ranking of No. 4 in singles and No. 1 in doubles, securing 21 singles titles and 33 doubles trophies. His remarkable achievements also include two Grand Slam doubles titles and consistent year-end Top 20 singles rankings over nearly a decade. Beyond the tennis court, Andrés had a passion for marine biology and enjoyed surfing and golf. He is a devoted husband to Anna Maria and a proud father of two sons, Juan Andres Jr. and Emilio.
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