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Patricia Rodriguez Barrios

Meet Patricia, a seasoned business professional with over 17 years of experience in senior-level roles. With a knack for operations management and strategic planning, she excels in driving business growth while ensuring cost control and quality assurance. Patricia is known for her leadership skills, fostering teamwork, and implementing process improvements that enhance overall efficiency. Her […]

Stephanie Rudnick

Stephanie Rudnick is a pioneering figure in the sports industry, distinguishing herself as an entrepreneur in a field dominated by traditional roles. As the Owner and Business Director of Elite Camps since its inception in 1999, she has overseen its growth into one of Canada’s foremost basketball organizations, annually impacting over 6000 athletes. With a […]

Nathan Last

Nathan Last is a seasoned leadership training and operations executive with over a decade of remarkable achievements in driving organizational success. As the Chief Engagement Officer at Mission 6 Zero and former Principal & Chief Performance Officer at Mental Grit Consulting, Nathan has honed his expertise in L&D strategy, talent management, and cultural transformation, consistently […]

Tito Vazquez

Modesto «Tito» Vázquez, a tennis virtuoso hailing from Argentina, blazed through his collegiate career at UCLA, clinching the NCAA Men’s Tennis Championship thrice. Transitioning from player to mentor, he captained the Argentine Davis Cup team to victory on two occasions, while also honing the skills of elite players like Victor Pecci and Pablo Arraya, solidifying […]

Dr. Adele Diamond

Dr. Adele Diamond, PhD, FRSC, is a trailblazer in developmental cognitive neuroscience, pioneering research on ‘executive functions’ (EFs) crucial for problem-solving and creativity. Her interdisciplinary approach explores the impact of biological and environmental factors on cognitive development, leading to groundbreaking insights that have transformed early education and improved treatment for conditions like ADHD. Through her […]

Dr. Jessica Garza

Dr. Jessica Garza, founder of the Youth Sports Parenting Tribe, empowers parents of young athletes with knowledge and tools for their children’s athletic journeys. With 15+ years in performance psychology, Dr. Garza’s expertise includes biofeedback training and cognitive enhancement. She holds a Ph.D. in Performance Psychology, master’s degrees in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Sport […]

Isabel Cabrejas Ruiz

Isabel Cabrejas Ruiz is a seasoned professional in women’s football, currently serving as a project manager at 4Football. With a background in sports management and a master’s degree from the Johan Cruyff Institute, she brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her responsibilities at 4Football include designing strategies, developing projects aligned with the growth […]

Richard Shorter

Richard Shorter brings over two decades of experience in supporting and empowering families to his role. Acknowledging that he’s not a perfect dad himself, Richard leverages his background in delivering effective support to organizations and parents, fostering collaboration for the benefit of children. His expertise lies in utilizing sports as a platform to cultivate character […]

Ana Jovanović

Ana Jovanović, a former professional tennis player from Serbia, now serves as a Project Manager at the Novak Djokovic Foundation. Combining her background in Media, Communications, and Public Relations with her passion for sports psychology, she spearheaded the creation of the Foundation’s groundbreaking program «Path of a Champion,» aimed at guiding parents of aspiring athletes. […]

Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson is a visionary leader in college placement, renowned for founding USP, a premier agency facilitating college recruitment since 1995. His expertise lies in navigating the complex landscape of academic and athletic scholarships, ensuring students find their ideal college fit. As the author of «7 Steps to Win an Athletic Scholarship,» Thomas has empowered […]