Dr. Christopher Stankovich

Dr. Christopher Stankovich is a nationally sought-after professional speaker whose expertise encompasses various areas such as athletic performance enhancement, American sports culture, contemporary coaching concerns, life wellness, success strategies, and human motivation. He has left an indelible mark as a media personality, previously known as «The Sports Doc» on Ohio News Network and now hosting «The Sports Doc Minute» on NBC4 Columbus, in addition to regular appearances on 95.5 The Game’s «The Stiller Project.» Stankovich, a licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC) in Ohio, offers clinical counseling services tailored to athletes, addressing academic, social, and life-related challenges. He excels as an Education & Performance Consultant, aiding organizations in cultivating positive culture, effective leadership, enhanced performance systems, and crisis management. As an accomplished author and columnist, he has authored notable works like «Sport Success 360,» «The Parents Playbook,» and «Positive Transitions for Student Athletes,» while contributing to esteemed magazines and journals. Drawing from his extensive educational background, Stankovich has taught at numerous colleges and universities, spanning graduate and undergraduate psychology and business courses. Moreover, he has made a mark in the realm of technology by developing the pioneering sport psychology mental toughness assessment app, «SPA,» for the iPhone.
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