J.P. Nerbun

J.P. Nerbun is a bestselling author, leadership coach, and the visionary founder of TOC Culture Consulting, a globally recognized sports consulting and leadership coaching business. Dedicated to empowering leaders and their teams, Nerbun’s extensive experience spans diverse sectors, including sports, education, healthcare, and business, where he has successfully guided leaders at prestigious institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard University, the University of Texas, the USGA, PwC, and Chick-fil-A.

In 2019, Nerbun made a significant impact with the publication of his acclaimed book, «Calling Up: Discovering Your Journey to Transformational Leadership.» Following this success, he released the groundbreaking «The Culture System: A Proven Process for Creating an Extraordinary Team Culture» in 2022. Notably, his commitment to coach education led to the launch of The Culture System Online Training Platform in 2023, recognized as one of the most comprehensive and applicable online resources available.

As the co-host of the «Coaching Culture» podcast, J.P. Nerbun continues to influence global sports leadership discussions. Currently residing in Ireland with his wife and three children, Nerbun remains a driving force in shaping transformative leadership in various industries.

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