Javier Palenque

Javier Palenque is a multifaceted executive, entrepreneur, and tennis enthusiast with a unique perspective on the sport. Born and raised in Bolivia, he experienced a privileged upbringing but harbored discontent with the socio-economic disparities in his home country. At 17, seeking opportunities for change, he moved to the United States and earned an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Boston University.

Currently based in Florida, Javier has made significant contributions as an Investment and Real Estate Consultant. His passion for tennis led him to observe a disconnection between the USTA’s reported statistics and the reality within the tennis community, especially in Miami. As a data-driven business consultant, he has highlighted concerns about the declining state of youth tennis, high attrition rates, and discrepancies in reported league numbers.

Javier is not just a critic; he actively engages in discussions about reform within the USTA, addressing issues such as funding allocation and executive compensation. His candid assessments of the organization’s challenges and cultural problems underscore a desire for positive change. With a focus on «growing the game,» Javier advocates for open conversations with those invested in tennis’s future, believing that transformative solutions can only emerge through collaboration and understanding.

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You can explore more of Hernan’s work on his website, https://www.hernanchousa.com/.

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