Kirsten Jones

Kirsten Jones is a former Division I volleyball player and esteemed member of The College of William and Mary’s Hall of Fame, recognized for her outstanding athletic achievements. With a remarkable career at NIKE spanning over fourteen years, she served as a footwear executive across Europe and at the company’s headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Currently, Kirsten has embarked on a new path as a motivational speaker, writer, and Peak Performance Coach, specializing in guiding and inspiring teen and professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. As a co-host of the #RaisingAthletes Podcast and a contributing author to «Winning Mindset: Elite Strategies for Peak Performance,» she shares her expertise in youth sports and peak performance. Kirsten’s forthcoming book, «Raising Empowered Athletes,» is set to be published in August 2023 by Triumph Books. Passionate about empowering young athletes, she contributes her insights as a guest expert to various websites, including and Kirsten and her husband, Evan, are nurturing three teenage/young adult athletes in Los Angeles, where she continues to make a significant impact on the world of sports and personal development.
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