Martin Rocca

Martin Rocca is a distinguished tennis director and conference speaker based in Catalonia, Spain. With a remarkable career spanning across three continents, he spent 9 years honing his coaching skills in Buenos Aires, Argentina, followed by 5 years in New York, USA. For the past 16 years, Martin has been a prominent figure in the tennis scene in Tarragona-Barcelona, Spain, notably serving as the former Junior Tennis Program Director at the prestigious Sanchez-Casal Academy in Barcelona. Passionate about nurturing young talent, Martin recently departed from his role at the academy to establish a program for Mini Players, focusing on developing tennis techniques for children as young as 3 while emphasizing enjoyment in the sport. As the co-founder of TennisAid, a solidarity project, and the director of MiniPlayers, Martin is dedicated to collaborating with clubs, academies, and federations to support and elevate young players. His commitment to tennis education is evident through his role as a Coach Education Specialist with Tennis Australia and authorship of the Kids Tennis-Mini Players book. Martin’s outstanding contributions have been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Ciudad de la Raqueta Award in 2016 and the Esport Solidari Internacional Foundation Award in 2015, highlighting his exemplary solidarity work in promoting tennis globally. In 2015, he also received a career recognition from the Federació Catalana de Tennis for his 14 years of dedicated efforts in advancing tennis development in the Tarragona Province.

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