Michelle Sigmann

Michelle Sigmann is a dedicated educator, wellness advocate, and principal with a remarkable journey of personal transformation. Overcoming the challenges of balancing motherhood, professional responsibilities, and self-care, Michelle embarked on a life-changing path seven years ago. Through relentless determination, she cultivated habits to strengthen both her mind and body, gradually piecing her life back together. Today, as a school principal, Michelle not only champions mental strength but leads by example, sharing her wellness curriculum with fellow administrators. She’s a passionate wellness coach, particularly working with elite athletes using her innovative «Athlete Workbook» to nurture strong mindset skills. Michelle conducts workshops and speaks about habit formation, cultivating resilience, and staying present in the face of life’s imperfections. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is a dedicated mother to two high-achieving boys and a loving wife, continually striving to find balance amidst life’s demands. Her guiding belief that our perceptions shape our choices, which in turn determine our actions, results, and future, remains at the core of her inspiring journey.
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