Nicola Vitali

Nicola Vitali is a dynamic sports management professional with a diverse international background and a strong affinity for sports strategy, marketing, and innovation. With an MBA in Sports Management and a foundation in advertising, Nicola’s journey has taken him through various cultural landscapes, including Milan, Madrid, Vienna, Linz, and Florence, where he has honed his skills and knowledge in the sports industry over the past decade.

His expertise encompasses a range of vital areas in the field, from Blockchain and Big Data to Sales Metrics and emerging technologies. Nicola’s career has been centered on crafting and executing sports marketing and sales strategies, encompassing pricing analysis, ticketing, sponsorship, CRM, international tours, friendlies, and stadium events. He has lent his talents to esteemed organizations such as Real Madrid CF, ACF Fiorentina, and Under Armour, while continuing to collaborate with numerous sports entities, startups, and agencies as a dedicated consultant.

Beyond his professional commitments, Nicola is an Ambassador for the European University of Madrid in Italy and Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid CF, showcasing his commitment to fostering sports education and development. He is also the Founder and Managing Partner of The Step Over, a prominent Sports Consulting Firm headquartered in Milan, specializing in Football Clubs M&A, Sports Marketing, Stadium Project Management, and Business Development.

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